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MHSG assists Berlin universities with the production of multimedia educational materials. As an initiator and catalyst, MHSG is committed to creating high-quality e-learning solutions.

To get a quick overview of our learning products, which includes important features like target groups, course duration and technical specifications, check out this table.

Earth (Version 2.0)
The dynamic planet. An interactive course exploring geological processes. more...
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Language   German
Price   from 24,95 €
Interesting for   universities/students, secondary schools/pupils, hobby learners
Invisible and inaudible, but everywhere. Experience real physics experiments in a multimedia setting. more...
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Language   German
Price   from 24,95 €
Interesting for   secondary schools/pupils, hobby learners, universities/studentsum
Interactive Screen Experiments (ISEs)
Interactive screen experiments (ISEs) are the perfect complement to real experiments in secondary and vocational schools as well as universities. Our constantly growing catalogue already boasts about 80 experiments. more...
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Language   German
Price   on request
Interesting for   secondary schools/pupils, universities/students, vocational training/continuing education, instructors and trainers, hobby learners
Internet Law 2.0
Master the legal issues involved in private and commercial Internet use. An interactive introduction into the legal framework of the Internet. more...
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Language   German
Price   from 78,95 €
Interesting for   vocational training/continuing education, universities/students

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Learning Platform Service

Our modular service approach always delivers a solution that best meets your individual needs. more...

Statistics Bilingual Edition

Scientific data analysis made easy. An interactive introduction to the world of statistics. Languages: English, German -> Bonus: Spanish, French more...

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