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Our Company

The Multimedia Hochschulservice Berlin GmbH (MHSG) was founded in 2000 by nine Berlin universities.

The company assists universities in the region in providing high-quality, multimedia-based educational products and services as well as supports their sales activities. As initiator and catalyst, MHSG is committed to realising successful e-Learning solutions.


Our Mission

The educational products should, on one hand, enhance the quality of instruction at the university involved and, on the other hand, be widely distributed on the free market. The successful marketing should provide new means of revenue that in turn flows into the development of new educational productions at  universities.

MHSG’s business and media know-how complements the specialist knowledge of university institutes and media representatives, enabling the joint production of premium educational products that can assert themselves on the market.

In the production of our e-learning products, we focus first and foremost on the high quality of the learning content. This is ensured by the proven expertise of our authors. This combined with our own media and design know-how leads to products of unrivalled quality and versatility.

New multimedia information and communication technologies improve the quality of instruction at universities, while at the same time increasing efficiency. This makes academic learning easier and more enjoyable.

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