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Learning Platform Services

MHSG has been specialising in learning management systems since 2001. We have our own platform and provide our clients in universities with a wide variety of services. Tried and tested, our modular service approach creates operational and cost synergies.

This results in five important advantages for our clients:

  • short start-up times
  • temporary use possibilities and cancellation at any time
  • custom selection of service modules
  • professional and reliable performance
  • high cost-efficiency through cost-sharing

Our modular service approach always delivers a solution that best meets your individual needs. In addition to our basic services package, we offer a broad range of expanded services. This could include video streaming to a virtual classroom, all depending on your requirements.

Basic Service / Expanded Services / Videostreaming Services
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Choosing a Learning Platform

The purchase of a learning platform always entails comparatively high investment and operation costs. So you should pay special attention when choosing a platform and preparing it for regular operation. It is extremely important to know precisely what you need from a learning platform.

Understandably, this is not always easy for instructors and tutors.

There is still a large selection of platforms on the market. The number of evaluation reports and evaluation criteria is constantly growing. Since no platform fulfils all the criteria, the usefulness of these reports for your own decision is limited. They normally come to different recommendations, since how the individual criteria are weighted plays a large role in determining the outcome.   

Basically, reliable results are only possible if you conduct your own specific test run.

We currently operate the CLIX 4.0 from imc AG.  The decision for this platform came in 2001 after an extensive evaluation process with numerous partners from various universities in the region. Nevertheless, we are open to operating other platforms upon request.

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