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Online Communications Training - A new approach to more effective communication

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  approx. 50 hours (distributed over five weeks)
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  instructors and trainers, vocational training/continuing education
  Online, Offline
  has been developed for use on all current learning platforms and Web servers
  WBT / BL

A web-based course with learning and exercise materials for the participants as well as a handbook for the trainer.

Learning to speak is only possible by practising to speak. However, everyone doesn’t have enough time to attend the necessary training sessions.

Online Communication Training pushes the envelope with its web-based approach. The concept, based on a trainer-led course spanning several weeks, combines online activities with face-to-face sessions (blended learning). This ensures the extensive coverage of essential communication theories and structures. Intensive phases of synchronous and asynchronous communication reinforce the learning materials.

Thanks to the modular structure of the teaching and exercise materials, the trainer can individually design the course. The trainer handbook contains a detailed description of the available material as well as concrete instructions and suggestions for course structure.

This course focuses on:

• the characteristics of communication
• the different code systems and how they influence successful communication
• the “secret messages” of nonverbal code systems
• the application of basic rhetorical rules in speech planning and delivery

Supervision by a trainer/tutor is a necessary component of this course: Intensive phases of synchronous and asynchronous communications reinforce the learning materials. To assist with this, the trainer receives a detailed handbook, providing numerous tips and ideas for teaching the course.

For each of the course’s themes, the participants have at their disposal extensive texts, audio and video content, exercises and self-tests, a comprehensive glossary as well as literature and links lists.

This online course has successfully completed live testing.

About the authors: Lydia Drews studied rhetoric at the University of Tübingen and has worked over 10 years as a freelance trainer in the communications branch. Heidemarie Hecht has been active for more than 25 years in the continuing education of university professors at the Free University in Berlin. She specialised in e-learning at the early stages of its development and has already conceived and executed several online projects.

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